Noble Local School District

The Noble Local School District (NLSD) has invested a great deal of time and energy in the process of creating a growth minded culture that values high expectation, effort, perseverance, innovation, and a constant commitment to learning and improvement. This culture provides our focus, allowing us to inspire hope, increase opportunities for students, and create a generation of self-driven learners and future ready employees.
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Noble Local School District (NLSD) in Southeast Ohio

FUN FACT: District residents pay 55% less tax than our comparison school districts throughout the state.

Who Benefits from NLSD

All students (Pre-K through grade 12, ages 3-21) benefit from our training.

  • To meet and exceed 21st century learning demands, the NLSD has expanded and will continue to expand pre-school offerings and student course selections.
  • What are 21st century demands? The ability to balance cognitive, personal, and interpersonal abilities (collaborating, communicating, creating, and critically thinking).
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FUN FACT: The NLSD ranks in the Top 10 in the state for instructional expenditures per student

  • Pre-K expansion (currently: 4 classrooms serving 86 students) for increased academic preparedness and improved social/emotional skills
  •  Project-based learning opportunities in grades K-4 (Makerspaces– places where students have an opportunity to explore their own interests; learn to use tools and materials, both physical and virtual; and develop creative projects)
  • Career classes and exploration opportunities (district-wide)
  • Newly added program/position: “Pathways to Graduation”– A coach will provide differentiated advising/counseling to students and families (grades 5-12) in order to identify current and future needs for graduation, college, and career success
  • Innovative career advising program that includes but is not limited to career advising, job shadowing, and internships (currently have 103 business and career partners)
  • 10 dual enrollment courses are offered on campus and students have unlimited access to courses via online and video conferencing
  • And many more!
FUN FACT: Business Partners – The NLSD ranks among the best in the state in student growth.

3 Great Reasons to Choose NLSD

Students First

Noble understands that STUDENTS are our PRIMARY CUSTOMERS!

Continuous Improvement

We realize the needs of the 21st century learner and are committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement where ALL students are provided increased opportunities for future success.

No Limits

Noble believes nothing is impossible!

What’s it like to learn at Noble

What our past students have told us:

“Shenandoah High School is about learning and what we know. It isn’t the same high school it was when I started.”
-Jared Lumbatis class of 2018

“Teachers at Noble Local care that we learn, they give us lots of choices, help and support. I know they want us to be successful”
-Wyatt Miley, student

“Teachers at Noble Local are welcoming and truly care that our children learn and improve”
-From a parent advisory survey

“The staff makes me feel important, like my opinion matters”
-Monica Zoia

“Shenandoah is a “New Shenandoah” where everyone is hopeful, open minded, open to change, and willing to “Make it Happen” so that we have more opportunities!”
-Kenzie Carpenter