Explore these Great Careers that are in Demand in Your Area!

CDL Drivers

A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) shows carriers and employers that you are a licensed and competent Professional Truck Driver. Operating certain commercial motor vehicles requires specialized skills and knowledge.

Maintenance Technicians

The maintenance technician position is responsible for performing highly diversified duties to install, troubleshoot, repair and maintain production and facility equipment.

Registered Nurses (RN)

A Registered Nurse is a nurse who has graduated from a nursing program and met the requirements outlined by a country, state, province or similar licensing body to obtain a nursing license.

CNC Techs (Computer Numerical Control)

CNC machinists work with computer numeric controlled (CNC) heavy machinery from setup to operation to produce parts and tools from metal, plastic or other materials.


Machining is a fast-growing occupation. Machinists use machine tools, such as lathes, grinders, and milling machines to produce precision parts. Machinists frequently operate computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines.


In great demand. Secure computer systems from threats, establishing file-access permissions, and ensuring uninterrupted operations. Pinpoint weaknesses in the organization’s computer system and apply the procedures to secure it.


Electricians install and maintain electrical power, lighting, communications, and control systems in homes, businesses, and factories. Electricians follow state and local building regulations. This career path begins with an apprenticeship and/or technical education.

HVAC Technician

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration service technicians install, maintain and repair indoor air quality systems. Must comply with appliance standards and Occupational Health and Safety Act.