About The Career Center: Adult Technical Training

The Career Center provides short-term (usually under a year), hands-on training in industrial, medical and business/IT programs that build skills and expertise in demand by employers. The school has worked with business and industry for nearly 50 years, developing programs that prepare graduates to enter the workforce upon completing training.

Adult Technical Training in Marietta, Ohio

FUN FACT: 95% of Career Center students are eligible for financial aid – plus NO INTEREST payment plans for those who need extra assistance.

Who Benefits from Adult Technical Center

Career Center students range in age from recent high school graduates to over sixty. Their programs serve:

  • Displaced workers
  • Unemployed workers seeking new skills for a promotion or a new career
  • Recent high school graduates
  • Students who have tried college – and want a different direction
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FUN FACT: Every instructor is employed or retired from the career they are teaching – they know their subjects from real-life experience!

FUN FACT: Business Partners – Each program is reviewed twice a year by local business/industry, ensuring students receive the training needed for the requirements of the job.

3 Great Reasons to Choose the Career Center: Adult Technical Training

Career Opportunities

Programs prepare students for careers in the Mid-Ohio Valley with good compensation and growth potential.

Short Term

Most programs are completed in under 12 months, allowing students to start work and earn in less time.


Daytime or evening classes available in most programs. Typical evening classes run four hours.

What’s it like to learn at the Career Center: Adult Technical Training

What our past students have told us:

“I liked that the training was less than a year.”

“I wanted hands-on training, instead of going through a college program that would focus on classes I would not need.”

“It is has hands-on training and I know I will receive a job offer upon the program completion.”

“I wanted to get a quick and efficient education. I have two children and a full-time job. The flexibility offered made it easy for me to attend.”

“They offered the career field training I wanted and the cost was very good.”