About Careers in My Community

This online resource is a crossroads where southeast Ohio business, skills training/education and up-and-coming workforce meet. This website is the result of shared goals and open communication between employers, educators and workers who seek meaningful employment in southeast Ohio.

Students and Adult Job Seekers

You will discover vital information about careers in your community.


This site provides you with an opportunity to educate job seekers in your area about the types of career opportunities your company offers.

Skills Partners

These training partners provide guidance, information, training and real career opportunities.
No matter where you are in this journey – still in school, looking for specific training programs, or ready to change careers – you’ll find answers on this site to lead you to the next step in your professional journey.
Student Learning Trade Skills

Ohio Valley ESC

Careers in My Community was spearheaded by members of the Ohio Valley Educational Service Center (OVESC). Founded in 2007, OVESC serves twelve school districts and two career centers within four counties in southeast Ohio: Guernsey, Monroe, Noble and Washington Counties. OVESC has office locations in Cambridge and Marietta, OH. Our service area extends to more than 2,200 square miles and serves over 20,500 students.

The Ohio Valley ESC provides more than 50 types of services to its member districts, with a majority of these services being focused in preschool services, school improvement, and special education.

Southeast Ohio Manufacturing Council (SEOMC)

Careers in My Community is supported the Southeast Ohio Manufacturing Council (SEOMC). The organization was formed in 2014 to promote awareness of manufacturing issues in the region. SEOMC partners with manufacturers and educational institutions to educate and promote skills training that results in solid careers in the manufacturing sector. The council targets high school students and other groups who may be unaware of the opportunities available to those who seek training other than a 2- or 4-year college degree.

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